Cellulite Treatment – Eliminate Dimply Cellulite FAST

cellulite treatmentDo you know what the best cellulite treatment is? Probably not because there are way too many products and “treatments” on the market. And unless you have a PhD in cellulite removal it’s virtually impossible to find that needle in the haystack.

Here is the good news: you do NOT need to purchase a “cellulite treatment.”

You can get rid of that dimply fat with a custom tailored exercise and diet plan. And trust me, you are far better off using this approach because results will last. On the other hand, most of the treatments out there provide fleeting results that leave your purse lighter, but don’t get rid of the problem.

But before I teach you how to treat your cellulite the effective way let’s go over what doesn’t work. After all, knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do.


If wearing a wrap were an effective treatment for cellulite nobody would have cellulite! The bottom line is that body wraps do nothing more than heat up your tissue.

Do not buy into the claim that toxins are too blame for your cellulite problem – they aren’t. And even if they were, a wrap would not get rid of them.

If you want to get rid of toxins you have to break down AND burn off your dimply fat by being in a caloric deficit. More on this later…


It might feel good to get that massage, but it’s not going to eliminate cellulite. You see, cellulite is not something that can be massaged or straightened out.

It’s uneven layers of fat that need to be oxidized (burned). And no amount of massaging will burn fat, unless you are the one doing the massaging!

And even if by some miracle a massage did break down fat, you will still need to be in a caloric deficit for your body to actually burn it.

Now the only benefit from massaging is increased blood flow and lymphatic flow – and poor circulation does contribute, in part, to the accumulation of cellulite.

But again, the increase in circulation is temporary. You are better off permanently increasing your circulation with the right exercise modalities.

Plastic Surgery

Having a doctor suck away all that cottage cheese cellulite with a cannula while you sleep may seem like an attractive option.

But here’s the catch: you can actually end up looking worse because a vacuum is left between your skin and muscle.

Even worse, you could be left with excessively loose skin which requires more surgeries! And remember that there is no guarantee the cellulite won’t come back.

You are better off saving your time and money here.

Of all the different cellulite “treatments”, please stay away from this one because it’s irreversible.

Diet Pills

Ignore all the detox pills that “flush toxins” out of your body – these are a waste of money. The only pills worth looking into are ones with some variant of caffeine.

Because peer reviewed research has shown that caffeine does a good job at breaking down fatty acids and blunting hunger. And if you exercise, it will also help reduce fatigue.

Just remember that you still have to be in a caloric deficit for your body to burn the broken down fatty acids. And it’s not necessary for you to buy a bottle of diet pills – you can get the same effect from cheaper, natural sources like loose leaf green tea and yerba mate.

Whatever path you choose remember to never have more than 300mg of caffeine per day. At this level you could induce a perpetual state of dehydration in your body.


The dimply cellulite appearance is caused by uneven layers of fat pushing up against your skin. The fat isn’t inside your skin or on top of your skin, it’s under it.

Thus, skin brushing will do nothing more than remove dead skin cells (exfoliation).

Cellulite Creams

There seems to be mixed results with creams, some women notice a difference others don’t. Either way, most of the time results are temporary.

Most creams simply dehydrate your skin and create the fleeting appearance of having less cellulite.

I would suggest potentially using a cream only if there is some degree of lingering cellulite after you have followed an exercise and diet plan.

If These Cellulite Treatments Don’t Work What Next?

You need to follow a plan that does the following:

  1. Burn overall body fat (can’t spot reduce)
  2. Tone all the muscles (small and big) in your lower body
  3. Increase overall circulation
  4. Restore your hormonal balance

Recall that cellulite is caused by uneven distributions of fat under your skin – so it makes sense to burn off as much body fat as possible. But you also have to simultaneously tone the muscles in your lower body (butt and legs) to accelerate the “smoothing out” process.

Flaccid muscle is the main reason why even skinny women can be plagued by cellulite.

Now your circulation will improve with any exercise program as long as you push yourself. And hormonal balance is critical because too much estrogen increases fat accumulation.

To address all of these issues your nutrition plan should lower your blood sugar and put you in a caloric deficit. And your exercise plan should be based on resistance training with circuits.


So how do you lower blood sugar and enter a caloric deficit? By eating balanced meals that automatically lower your appetite. The simplest way to do this is by assembling your meals from the following four groups: carbohydrates, protein, fat and vegetables.

Follow these simple rules:

  1. Focus on slow digesting carbs – beans, lentils, legumes. Eat whole grains sparingly.
  2. Completely eliminate liquid calories – smoothies, lattes, juices, etc.
  3. Eat small, but frequent meals. Eating every three hours is best, but not practical for many. Do what you can – three meals are better than two, and two meals are better than one.
  4. Never skip breakfast. Eat within thirty minutes of waking up.
  5. Avoid animal saturated fat – it decreases circulation.
  6. Cover half your plate with vegetables for accelerated fat burning and reduced hunger.
  7. Increase protein intake piecemeal if hunger becomes an issue.
  8. Keep a food journal for one week if you are not good with portion control and then downward or upward adjust depending on your progress.
  9. Supplement with loose leaf green tea or yerba mate if energy begins to flag.

Exercise As A Cellulite Treatment

Is exercise an effective cellulite treatment? Absolutely. Even if you ignored your nutrition (not recommended) you could still notice results with exercise alone.

The key here is combine total body exercises with specialized lower body exercises.

The total body exercises will help you burn off the dimply fat and the lower body exercises will “smooth out” your legs and butt. You just have to make sure that you incorporate a lot of stabilization exercises to activate all of those smaller, obscure muscles that generic exercises can’t reach.

And trust me, you want to target all the muscles in your legs and butt to get the smoothest look possible.

For the fastest results, do your exercises in circuits. Pick a couple exercises that target different muscle groups and do them one after the other – only rest once you have completed the circuit.

As a general rule of thumb, leave 1-2 days of rest in between resistance training workouts.

Here is a sample routine you could follow:

Monday: workout
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: workout
Thursday: rest
Friday: workout
Saturday: rest
Sunday: rest

What About Cardiovascular Exercise?

Only do cardiovascular exercise if you have more than 3 hours of free time per week. Otherwise, stick with resistance training only – it will get you faster results.

If you have more than 3 hours per week, cardiovascular exercise can be an additional tool that burns calories and increases circulation.

The key here is to do as much cardiovascular exercise as possible while NOT compromising your recovery from resistance training.

Here are some simple guidelines to help you achieve this:

  1. Never do more than five sessions per week.
  2. Keep sessions to 45 minutes or less.
  3. Do a mix of high, medium and low intensity cardio depending on your recovery.
  4. Never exercise on an empty stomach (i.e., the starved state).
  5. Never exercise immediately upon waking up, it’s bad for the discs in your back.
  6. Never do a session right before a resistance training workout.

Final Words On Your Cellulite Treatment

The bottom line is that you are best served not spending money on “treatments.” Instead, use exercise and diet to get permanent results. Results that will not only eliminate cellulite, but will also increase the overall health of your entire body.

Yes, it’s tempting to pop a pill or apply a cream in the hopes of treating your cellulite – but the effects, if any, will be short lived.

And wouldn’t you rather put forth a little more effort to finally get rid of your cellulite problem instead of spinning your wheels and emptying out your purse time and again?

Well, you have all the information you need to treat your cellulite. All you have to do now is take action.

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